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Blood Moon Over Frankfort KentuckyKentucky Capitol from the Frankfort Cemetery, Fall 2014Downtown Frankfort Kentucky from Cemetery, Mar 2012Downtown Frankfort Kentucky from the Frankfort Cemetery, Mar 2012Downtown Frankfort, Kentucky in Fog, MoonriseFrankfort Kentucky panorama, Fall-2017Moonrise Over Frankfort, Kentucky March 2015Frankfort Kentucky, moonrise, Oct 2019Frankfort Kentucky, Rainbow Jul 2010Frankfort, Kentucky, Double rainbow, Apr 2011Fireworks, Frankfort, Kentucky, July 4th, 2016Kentucky River from Singing Bridge, Oct 2013Frankfort, Kentucky, Kentucky River, Frankfort Boat DockFull Moon, Downtown, Frankfort Kentucky, Oct 2018Frankfort, Kentucky Rainbow, May 30, 2018Frankfort Kentucky, Singing Bridge from Cemetery, Fall 2014Frankfort, Kentucky Singing Bridge, Ky River at Night